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Photos from the Gettysburg National Military Park, by William Ames.

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The Peach OrchardThe Union Line, OctoberCloseup of 72nd Pennsylvania MonumentLongstreet Monument, OctoberView from Little Round Top in summerState of Louisiana Monument, at sunsetMonument to the State of Mississippi, close-upMonument to the State of Mississippi at GettysburgState of Louisiana Monument, OctoberEternal Light Peace Memorial at DuskThe Peach OrchardPennsylvania State Memorial in morning lightThe High Water Mark of the Confederacy in SummerThe Round TopsConfederate Cannon overlooks Pickett's ChargeCloseup of Virginia MemorialVirginia Monument at GettysburgThe AngleHigh Water Mark of the ConfederacyPlum Run Valley, "The Valley of Death"

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